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Artist: Floetry

Title: Sunshine

Duration: 04'16"

Quarantine: 31 days


Locomotive: false

Likes: 0; Dislikes: 0

Classification: 11A–4–150

Last play: 09/12/2018 at 15:24:23

You know sometimes we ummm, we don't recognize our dreams inside our reality and uh other times we're not aware of exactly what's real ya know we walk around day dreaming but the sunshine, the sunshine always is.... and I [Chorus:] I just wanna see my lovely sunshine(Sunshine) I just wanna bring back all of my blue skies And if you take away my rainbow I will cry(cry) Give me back my sunshine Dreaming my state of being and I see you smiling youi're so happy just laughing and standing strong I'm missing you right here Listen to my tears I'm waking up to skies so gray Needing you to brighten up my day Ok listen catch your breath cool out you need to calm down (that's right) Concentrate don't go making all your time run out See your ok it looks much worse than it really is, and you'll pull through come on you know how we be doing this It's me and you yo, you promised you can't pull out now, We're friends for life so you can't just sell me out We shared a lot but you know we'll see just so much more Our wedding day and the children that we prayed for [Chorus] I used to depend on your rides to show me the way that I should go My reality is blurry I'm afraid of being all alone Your light has been my guide throughout the good and bad I wish that I had spent a little more attention to my one and only sunshine Listen, I'd never leave you yo, I sweared on my grave Damn what's that I'm feeling dizzy kinda getting faint But it ain't nothing didn't sleep that much last night From watching over you but none less I'm cool I'm fine I said I'm feeling fine so back up off me I'm alright I'm here to see my friends and what's up with that blinding light Said I don't need to lie down I don't need your help right now What's up with all the noises all the running round You've got it wrong I'm not the one who needs the help in here Yo, what's up with you, you're crying I see tears Yo, what's going on don't leave please don't take her out Said I don't understand I'm kinda feeling scared now I said it's getting hard to breathe getting hard to see I'm not too sure anymore what's going on with me Please bring her back connect me talk just one more time But it's too late the last exhale is mine [Chorus (2x's)]

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