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Artist: Francesca Battistelli

Title: December 25

Duration: 02'43"

Quarantine: 31 days

Genre: christmas

Locomotive: false

Likes: 0; Dislikes: 0

Classification: 1B–5–102

Last play: 24/12/2018 at 13:04:05

Look at all of the lights You can feel the air is changing Streets are covered in white Everyone is celebrating Like the hands of a clock Never stop telling time Oh December 25 It's a wonderful life And you can't contain the feeling Even standing in line, seems a little more appealing Yeah it's like coming home knowing everything's right Oh December 25 This is the way A holiday Is supposed to be Snow on the ground Love all around And you're with me tonight Dec 25 Warming up by the fire As the night is slowly fading And it all feels right After all the time we waited Yeah it comes and it goes in the blink of an eye Oh December twenty Oh December twenty Oh December 25

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