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Artist: Melissa Polinar

Title: Always Need You

Duration: 03'18"

Quarantine: 31 days

Genre: pop/rock

Locomotive: false

Likes: 0; Dislikes: 0

Classification: 11B–4–99

Last play: 11/01/2019 at 18:49:41

I've made up my mind To get tangled up with you Even though I'm undeserving More than the sunshine Up in the great big blue You satisfy my every yearning Like an arrow out of nowhere You hit the center of my heart Chorus: Your love is good Your love is real It captures everything that I feel I need you now I needed you then And I will always need you Always need you Now that I'm here Everyday is new I'm not going to look any longer It's all so clear Everything pales to you Oh, your love just makes me stronger Like a shadow tied your heel I'll follow wherever you go Chorus: I wanna climb to the top of a hill somewhere And scream at the top of my lungs The rain may come but I don't care I'm gonna keep tellin' everyone that. Chorus: (2x)

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