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Artist: Ray Stevens

Title: Bridget the Midget

Duration: 03'41"

Quarantine: 30 days

Genre: pop/rock

Locomotive: false

Likes: 3; Dislikes: 0

Classification: 5A–4–89

Last play: 22/12/2018 at 19:18:01

Well come on down to the go go, we're down on the strip If you want to get hip to a brand new trip They got a new soul singer, she's really dynamite Jam up, jelly tight, out of sight, alright, ow! Well, she may be small, just two feet tall But if you give her half a chance she'll pin you to the wall She's a little showstopper, you're gonna have a ball She can sing, she can dance, she can really do it all, yeah And now, ladies and gentlemen, without further adue It is indeed a great pleasure to introduce to you Held over for three weeks and getting rave reviews Here's Bridget the midget, the queen of the blues Here's Bridget, hahahaha Thank you folks, haha Thank you I want to know something Do you feel alright? (Yeah) Oh, come on now, you can do better than that Do you feel alright? (Yeah!) Wow, that makes me feel so good Let me hear it again Do you feel alright? (Yeah!) Oooh, ooohooohooohoo Yeah, yeah, yeah, hahahaha Alright, hahaha Alright, hahaha Here we go now Is everybody ready? Here we go, everybody sock it to me Yohohohoho (Yohohohoho), hahahaha Yohohohoho (Yohohohoho) Oooh, yeaheah! (Yeaheaheah!) Well, come on everybody have you heard the news Bridget's in town put on your rockin' shoes Into my bag and doing my thing Rock it to me, sock it to me, listen to me sing Singing oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh Oh I dig it, I really dig it Hey, get away from the stage there, fellow! But I dig it Now folks get ready for an extra special treat She can lay down a beat she's a real intranser Here's Bridget the midget and her flying feet The worlds one and only go-go tapdancer, go! Hahahaha Oooh! Oho, I dig it, I really dig it Hey, sit down, fellwo, you can't come up on the stage But I dig it, oh! Now here's the moment we've all waited for Three singing little cuties that we all adore You've heard them with Bridget on all of her hits They lay down a groove and the sound never quits They got what it takes, there ain't no doubt Strawberry and The Shortcakes, work it on out, ow! (Shoobydoo-wop-wop) (Shoobydoo-wop-wop) Oh, let me hear it! (Shoobydoo-wop-wop) How precious! (Shoobydoo-wop-wop) (Shoobydoo-wop-wop) Yeah (Shoobydoo-wop-wop) Well, come on, everybody, have you heard the news? Bridget's in town, put on your rockin' shoes Into my bag and doing my thing Rock it to me, sock it to me, listen to me sing Singing oooh! (Shoobydoo-wop-wop) (Shoobydoo-wop-wop) Oh, I dig it, I really dig it! Hey, watch it! You can't do that, fellow! But I dig it, I love you, Bridget! Get back there, get back!

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