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Artist: Style Council

Title: Shout To The Top

Duration: 03'24"

Quarantine: 12 days

Genre: pop/rock

Locomotive: true

Likes: 4; Dislikes: 0

Classification: 8A–6–143

Last play: 06/01/2019 at 04:54:28

I was half in mind - I was half in need And as the rain came down - I dropped to my knees and prayed I said oh heavenly thing - please cleanse my soul Ive seen all on offer and Im not impressed at all I was halfway home - I was half insane And every shop window I looked in just looked the same I said send me a sign to save my life Cause at this moment in time there is nothing certain in These days of mine Ysee its a frightening thing when it dawns upon you That I know as much as the day I was born And though I wasn't asked (I might as well stay) And promise myself each and every day - that - When youre knocked on your back - an your lifes a flop And when youre down on the bottom theres nothing else But to shout to the top - shout!

Artist: Style Council

Title: You're The Best Thing

Duration: 04'35"

Quarantine: 12 days

Genre: pop/rock

Locomotive: true

Likes: 0; Dislikes: 0

Classification: 2B–4–83

Last play: 20/12/2018 at 08:20:20

I could be discontent and chase the rainbows end I might win much more but lose all that is mine I could be a lot but I know I'm not I'm content just with the riches that you bring I might shoot to win and commit the sin Of wanting more than I've already got I could runaway but I'd rather stay In the warmth of your smile lighting up my day (the one that makes me say, heh) 'Cause you're the best thing that ever happened to me or my world You're the best thing that ever happened - so don't go away I might be a king and steal my peoples things But I don't go for that power crazy way All that I could rule but I don't check for fools All that I need is to be left to live my way (say listen what I say) I could chase around for nothing to be found But why look for something that is never there I may get it wrong sometimes but I'll come back in style For I realise your love means more than anything (the song you make me sing - yeah)

Artist: The Style Council/Tracey Thorn

Title: The Paris Match

Duration: 04'32"

Quarantine: 31 days

Genre: pop/rock

Locomotive: false

Likes: 0; Dislikes: 0

Classification: 11B–3–130

Last play: not played yet

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