16-01-2024 22:53:32

Le texte qui suit est temporaire

The financial resources of the company are not limitless. They must be spread over the miscellaneous %VS%s to fund the necessary Release Trains, all coming from a common company bucket.

As each Release Train is a well-defined set of teams, each working (hopefully) on a fixed-capacity scheme (set of teams that are dedicated to the train), the budget allocation exercise becomes trivial: it should be limited to fund the general expenses (fixed-capacity) and investments (material, hardware and software):the capacity exercise completely exits the picture, which is in general the most difficult part of the exercise, and which have a number of annoying consequences (e.g. work interruptions to come up with estimates accurate to the comma).

However, at regular time interval, Release Trains must enter the %RTH%, to either be constructed, or enter maintenance (such as revision of the technologies and hence revision of the necessary teams).

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